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The 2020 United Methodist General Conference meets May 5-15 in Minneapolis. One of the main issues the denomination’s top lawmaking body will consider is the decades-long debate on the role of LGBTQ people in church leadership. The Protocol and The Christmas Covenant are topics receiving a lot of attention in preparation for GC2020.

Here is an article that describes how we got here: General Conference history with LGBTQ issues


The Protocol
(full title is Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation)
A group of 16 United Methodist church leaders, from traditionalists to progressives, negotiated a “protocol” or plan under which traditionalists — who oppose on biblical grounds same-sex unions and ordination of “practicing” gay clergy — would leave the United Methodist denomination to form a new denomination.

The Protocol has become a highly discussed option for a way for United Methodist to move forward. Members of the 16 member group previously supported other “plans” but now have transferred their support to The Protocol . Despite their significant differences, they all support it as a way to move forward.

Delegates form many United Methodist conferences have expressed support for The Protocol.

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The Christmas Covenant
General Conference delegates and other United Methodists from the central conferences — church regions in Africa, Europe and the Philippines — released Dec. 19 what they are calling “A Christmas Covenant: Our Gift of Hope.”

The covenant deplores “calls to dissolve or dismember The United Methodist Church, to liquidate its assets and distribute them to the highest bidder.”

“Such plans are harmful to the Body of Christ through whom people of faith seek to connect and live in gracious relationships,” the covenant continues.

Instead, the covenant proposes the following actions:
• Suspension of all actions furthering any dissolution or separation plans and liquidation and distribution of the assets of The United Methodist Church.
• Formation of a U.S. regional conference.
• Establishment of legislative equality for central conferences and U.S. jurisdictions.

UM News article on the Christmas Covenant


Delegates from the Illinois Great Rivers Conference to:
General Conference 2020, May 5-15, 2020, Minneapolis, MN
Jurisdictional Conference 2020, July 15-18, 2020 Ft. Wayne, IN

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Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference, June 4-6, Peoria Civic Center